by land and sea

By Land and Sea, is a new creative project that represents a convergence of time, place, and, dare I say, more than a sprinkling of grace. It has brought together my love of fine art photography and reverence for words.

I always have my camera and journal with me, whether sitting in my Studio, roaming around the Hudson Valley Region of upstate New York where I reside, or taking a journey … by land or by sea. It has been said that I “paint” with my camera, and oftentimes I do. The results surprise, delight, disappoint, and drive me back again and again to capture some thing: a leaf, an old tractor, a fishing boat, a flower newly blossomed, the ocean’s surf at rest or in a fury readying for a storm, a well-worn ballet barre where I used to stretch my limber muscles and legs, an old acquaintance whom I have not seen for more than four decades in an oh-so-brief-moment of deep reflection, a weathered gate leading to the shore, and so much more.

Please join me so that I may share with you this specific journey and those sprinkling-of-grace-moments that calm and ignite creating joy, contemplation, and, sometimes, wonder.

"Golden Footsteps" © 2010


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