January ‘Wisdom’ — A 12 Month Odyssey

January 23, 2016 § 1 Comment

January 2016

While January is the dawn of a New Year, my ‘new year’ began last May when I reached a crucial fork in the road: I chose a path upon which I never intended to walk. Yet, I did.

Since then, my life has changed remarkably: there is an inner peace I have never known; a greater love of, and commitment to, all God’s creation and His Word — concepts I flirted with, yet wavered back and forth on for sixty years. There are the humbling experiences of being renewed from the inside to the outer person people see, as the Lord sands and refines my heart and mind — processes that will continue to my last exhale. Oh yes, I have been ‘born again’: my heart is full of love and a joy for which there are no words.

Most assuredly there are trials: hills to climb; valleys I unwittingly fall into; and the so-very-human battle of whether I permit my emotions, ego, arrogance determine the state and peace of my soul…or look to Him for liberation from these attitudes, behaviors — enslavements all. I choose the latter. In so doing, my service to the Lord is to love Him first and foremost above all others: to love my neighbors—all peoples, as myself, and to continue deepening a compassion that thrives in my heart and spirit for all beings. This is who Jesus was And Is. Love, patience, and compassion are what He taught.

This image was taken on a warm January afternoon; even parts of the River and shoreline were opaque. There was beauty to behold, though, and a time to pause for anyone who stopped long enough to ponder and see the wonders of His Work.

Wisdom's Hand   ©2016   Lee Anne Morgan

Wisdom’s Hand    ©2016    Lee Anne Morgan

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Scripture Reading

Proverbs 3: 13, 18-20

13  You’re blessed when you meet Lady Wisdom, when you make friends with Madame Insight.

18  She’s the very Tree of Life to those who embrace her. Hold her tight — and be blessed!

19  With Lady Wisdom, God formed Earth; with Madame Insight, he raised Heaven.

20  They knew when to signal rivers and springs to the surface, and dew to descend from the night skies.

~Eugene H. Peterson, The Message


I send abundant prayers and blessings to each of you.

In Jesus’s name I pray. Amen!

LAM 1st Name:Sm


when our eyes were danced upon

November 21, 2015 § 1 Comment

Most people would agree that autumn is a resplendent time of year. Pumpkins and apples abound. Thoughts of freshly baked pies, turkey, stuffing, cranberry fixings, and something delectable from sweet potatoes made with brown sugar and butter tantalize our taste buds. There is anticipation, too, of the first scent of wood smoke in the air.

This year, nestled in our Catskill Mountains, our eyes were danced upon. An intense profusion of colors burst upon our landscape. Daytime temperatures remained in the sixties into early November! The sun shone every day with few exceptions. Even when it rained, the colors continued to dazzle. It was one of God’s finest displays of glory: a wide spectrum of hues on every tree and in every leaf from deep russet and burnt orange to bright gold, sunshine yellow, and crimson red.

The autumnal sky brought its own canvas of color: bright blues to various shades of lavenders melting into soft grays. We witnessed sunrises and sunsets that staggered us with in-the-moment changes from deep orange to pink, and then, fire red. Everything, all of nature, shouted praises. The landscape, even today, remains alive with rustling leaves falling from towering trees to a final rest where they will be absorbed into our bountiful earth.

This morning, shortly before I published this Journal, I tried to capture the austere grandeur of the day’s sunrise through the now leafless woodlands that reside outside my windows. It thrills me to watch these morning miracles for each is different, containing its own spirit with both subtle and dramatic hues, shadows, and drama.  Each of our days calls for a resounding hallelujah! to the Great Author and His spectacular theater.

Autumn Sunrise Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Autumn Sunrise     Copyright 2015     Lee Anne Morgan

I walked with my cameras hanging from my shoulders, a backpack with my lenses, and more ‘tools’ stuffed into my pockets.  I did not seek the obvious in photographing the vast landscapes, farmlands, and soft shouldered Catskill Mountains. Rather, I sought out scenes and subjects that are overlooked; quiet in their beauty; or merely too common to be worthy of anything more than a glance.

Would these images be worthy? I need to hear music, and feel the soul of the subject; see movement too, even if it appears steadfast. When I do not hear, or feel that tug within, I know I am being told it has no song; it is lifeless. So, I delete the image never to be seen again.

While some of my expectations went astray as they usually do, there was always something more waiting for me to notice. Always. I am old enough now to say this with certainty: those surprises, the unexpected delight may not come in my time, but it does come in God’s time…if I’m patient.

Hundreds of photographs were taken. Fourteen, as of this morning!, remain and are presented here.


On one morning walk when the colors surged forth to their peak, I found myself in the throes of a forceful wind. There stood a tree half dead, half alive. I wanted to preserve the still-living section even with the wind’s refusal to calm. I finally surrendered to the wind and saw the tree differently. Always a dancer at heart, I imagined the tree limbs as balletic dancers in a soft, elegant flow, arrayed in various hues of red, orange, and gold against the bluest of blue skies with just a suggestion of deep lavender strokes deliberately placed there by The Great Artist.

Autumnal Flow Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Autumnal Flow     Copyright 2015     Lee Anne Morgan

On another morning, quite early, I walked to our historical cemetery. I find beauty in its stillness; mystery in the fog slowly rising; life in the russet and yet-still-green grasses; wonderment in the aged gravestones dating from the late 1700s to late 1800s. The cemetery transports me. It does not speak of decay, but, rather, life once lived, and the miracle of Creation and eternity.

Graveyard Fog Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Graveyard Fog     Copyright 2015     Lee Anne Morgan

Further along on this particular walk, I passed a garden with several lagniappes…flowers blooming in late-October and in astonishing color!

Suspended Beauty Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Suspended Beauty     Copyright 2015     Lee Anne Morgan

The Color Purple 1 Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

The Color Purple 1     Copyright 2015     Lee Anne Morgan

The Color Purple 2 Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

The Color Purple 2     Copyright 2015     Lee Anne Morgan

A few weeks rolled by and our warm weather and autumnal color seemed unending. I rose early enough to take this sunrise “happening.” There was a storm on its way and the sky seemed conflicted on whether the clouds would dominate, or the sun would prevail for a while. This image reminds me of the Hudson River School of painting and the use of light, capturing the dichotomy of ruggedness and sublimity of our Hudson Valley.

Before Day Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Before Day     Copyright 2015     Lee Anne Morgan

The sun did not prevail that day, so I drove to an old silo on 9W North. Hundreds of people pass this silo every day. It is ignored for the silo is weather-beaten, unused, and old. I, though, see beauty and music and grandeur in her, and I finally captured this image after waiting for the right moment in time: a cloudy, drizzly day in autumn.

The Old Silo Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

The Old Silo     Copyright 2015     Lee Anne Morgan

Across from the silo, there was a field I barely noticed in the past. When I turned to get back into my car, this image was presented to me. I adore the bare architecture of nature and this too sung to me; perhaps an adagio movement of a quiet musical composition.

Bare Beauty Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Bare Beauty     Copyright 2015     Lee Anne Morgan

The sun made its entrance through morning clouds the following day as I strolled along the River walkway only to discover a scene of perfect serenity: a single boat in the calm of the River; the golden willow that is the first to bloom and the last to lose her color; two red benches, punctuating the peacefulness of all the eye could behold.

Calm Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Calm     Copyright 2015     Lee Anne Morgan

Boat On River Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Boat On River     Copyright 2015     Lee Anne Morgan

Golden Willow Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Golden Willow     Copyright 2015     Lee Anne Morgan

Two Red Benches Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Two Red Benches     Copyright 2015     Lee Anne Morgan


I found the experiences of this past autumn rapturous. God danced over our eyes and glorified Creation with a grace-filled beauty so grand yet fragile that it brought tears to my eyes. I am humbled and grateful to have been “guided” to these images and to write about my journeys these past weeks.

There is always gratitude we can offer, no matter what is happening in our lives. Each day is a new gift: for that alone, I am thankful. Each day offers blessings and miracles, large and small, if we quiet our lives long enough to see and listen. And, for these I am grateful.

The Book of Abbey

Abbey is another reason I give thanks daily. She sleeps most of her days and comes to life at night. But, it is a moment like this where she is fascinated with the rain and appears to be in deep meditation that I say ‘thank you.’ The wonderful, blessed fact is that she is happy, healthy, and my good girl and companion.

Watching Rain Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Watching Rain     Copyright 2015     Lee Anne Morgan


I hope you enjoyed walking with me during my footsteps through autumn. I wish you and yours bountiful blessings for this Thanksgiving and every day that follows.

“You are the Author of beauty.” ~ Wisdom 13:3

LAM 1st Name:Sm





a crown of beauty for ashes

October 3, 2015 § Leave a comment

The title of this Journal post is part of a verse found in the Book of Isaiah 61:3. The full verse is: To all who mourn in Israel, He will give a crown of beauty for ashes/a joyous blessing instead of mourning/festive praise instead of despair. 

When I began writing about ‘ashes’ and the ‘crown,’ there appeared a brilliant crimson cardinal singing an endless song, sitting alone on the closest branch of the closest tree outside the window where my writing desk resides. I was compelled to name him Isaiah.

Isaiah Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Isaiah   Copyright 2015   Lee Anne Morgan

The Ashes In The Message

In Isaiah’s time, ashes represented an old covenant of laws; enslavement to brutal and inhumane behaviors; cruelty upon cruelty; despair and bondage — all of which the Israelites mourned. When Pope Francis recently visited the United States to address a joint session of Congress, he raised issues of some overwhelming and disturbing ashes-of-today: homelessness and poverty, violence and abuse, conflicts throughout the world, brutal atrocities.

The Pope’s message focused on the marginalized among us, especially children. In today’s world, we have powerful corporate and global economies as well as generously-funded foundations and ministries who can, and do help, yet 1 billion children live in poverty (1 in 2 children worldwide); 640 million live without adequate shelter; 400 million have no access to safe water; 270 million have no access to health services.

There is Syria with millions of beleaguered, displaced people, half of whom are children.

When we half listen to, or read about, these issues and don’t take the time to look into our hearts, we remove ourselves from actuality; it is easier to ignore. By doing so, though, we shield our hearts from truth.

These are ashes that need not, should not, exist.

The rousing, standing ovation from both sides of the aisle when Pope Francis invoked the Golden Rule, Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you, was inspiring, hopeful, yet disquieting too. I wondered if it was a one-off moment for the two houses of Congress, or, if some hearts in our government as well as those millions who watched and listened had turned to tender, merciful flesh rather than remain crusted in stone.

Heart © 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Heart   ©   2015 Lee Anne Morgan

I am not a politician, activist, or devoted to a specific religion. I am a woman of faith who tries her best to follow the teachings of Jesus. I witnessed firsthand, though, a humble, gentle man truly walk in His footsteps as his face and eyes lit up like a celestial display of Roman candles when he mingled and said prayers with the homeless at St. Patrick’s in Washington, D.C.

The Pope was gentle in his speech, but when I re-read the transcripts I imagined him evangelizing the words of J. Philip Newell and saw him as a young Jesuit raising his voice in a stirring hosanna that would carry over any great assembly: Thanks be to You for the men and women whose passion for the poor is undying/whose prayer for the oppressed is tender/whose defense for the wronged is fierce. Grant me the strength to cry for justice, to be patient for peace, to be angry for love.

The Beauty In the Crown

Whether you agree with what I’ve said, or not, we can acknowledge that there are ashes and our beloved country and the world are broken. But what is this ‘crown of beauty’? Isaiah, one of the great prophets in the Hebrew Bible, prophesied the coming of the Messiah, Jesus, and the New Covenant: leaving the old laws behind; obtaining salvation and the forgiveness of sins; the wiping away of tears; living a new life in joy, peace, and love.

For me, the beauty of the crown embodies loving-kindness, forgiveness, mercy, grace, compassion, wisdom, peace…and, most of all, love. Inspiration and faith are in the crown of beauty. Caring and doing, in whatever ways we can, especially small daily acts of comfort and kindness, are in the crown of beauty. Treating one another as we wish to be treated no matter our faith, sex, race, weakness, disability, neediness, is most assuredly in the beauty of the crown.

Using Ourselves Up

I write and take pictures for a living. I have often wondered if it is enough. But, these gifts are what were given to me. They are as much a part of me as breathing. This is what I know how to do best that honors the God I love and it would grieve my soul not to use up every gift given. I hope and pray that in some small way my writing and images contribute to the crown of beauty if only one soul is soothed and one mind is quieted; that  joyous blessing and festive praise are present — not to forget the ashes in our splintered world, but to reveal the abundance of beauty, hope, and grace that are available to each of us so that we may be renewed to tend to what is needed most: the love of one another, and for me, a devoted love for the God who loves us all.

What Happened After “My” Isaiah

I wake before dawn most mornings. After I consume a bracing mug of hot tea and milk, I write ideas for my book and this Journal, and then read. Isaiah departed and I continued pounding away on my computer keys. Once in a while I am taken by surprise and that is when I believe Spirit most guides my eye, hand, and camera. I heard munching of brush outside my apartment window, which is surrounded by woodlands. There was a buck with two spotted fawns. No doe was present. This was taken at first light — a gift of grace.

The Buck At Sunrise © 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

The Buck At Sunrise   © 2015   Lee Anne Morgan

I often photograph from my window-to-the-world. But this particular morning, I took off on a brisk walk. My very first sight was an extravaganza of sunflowers in bloom. They were absolute aberrations in size; reminiscent of mythical giantesses! I realized, too, that their grand, happy presence was the last of summer, heralding the onset of autumn. What a happening this was!

One Of The Last © 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

One Of The Last   © 2015   Lee Anne Morgan

These September hydrangeas were not shades of deep purple or pristine white. They appeared to have been dipped in a sepia tint, washing their tips to a muted rose-brown. I could not resist them, for they were not only lush, but also otherworldly.

September Hydrangeas © 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

September Hydrangeas   © 2015   Lee Anne Morgan

The balance of my day took on its tempo of doing things, talking to people, cooking, and more reading and writing. Later, as dusk began turning day into night, The Buck returned. It was the very same one from early morning, for the twin fawns were in the brush. He walked out from the woodland, stood solidly and resolutely still, and looked straight at me through the window. And, yes, I thanked the Lord once again for this image.

The Buck at Dusk © 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

The Buck at Dusk   © 2015   Lee Anne Morgan

The Book of Abbey

Abbey has asked me to pen some words for her. She is preoccupied with jumping from window to window as our autumnal weather arrives, for there is much scurrying about of furry and feathered creatures outside of her reach.

She would tell you that I’ve been absorbed in writing, reading, and the taking and making of images. I believe Abbey would have preferred I not take this picture, and allowed her the privacy, or reverie, she was in. But I could not resist. Abbey is almost incessantly sleeping next to the cross as well as on the open bible. A friend said, She knows this is important to you and is absorbing The Word for you. We’ll see.

Abbey and Cross © 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Abbey, Cross, and Bible   © 2015   Lee Anne Morgan

The other spot Abbey has chosen to occupy is my desktop, computer keyboard…wires, papers, and all. I took this picture after I already moved her twice, and she knew she was busted! I decided to keep this image for it captured stillness and motion at one time!

Abbey On Desk © 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Abbey On Desk   © 2015   Lee Anne Morgan

A dear friend is away for three weeks and I have the privilege of caring for her cat, Guinness. I fall in love with most animals, but Sir Guinness, is noble, handsome, loving, and my Abbey would say, A real hunk. I love this gentle boy. His markings are those created by The Great Artist.

Sir Guinness © 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Sir Guinness   © 2015   Lee Anne Morgan

Abbey sends her love to all of her fans …

abbey-signature-transparent copy

May I leave you with a blessing? It doesn’t matter to me how you believe, or what faith you follow, if any. I am soothed by the words of this Psalm and share it with a heart full of love.

O satisfy us in the morning with Your loving-kindness, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days. ~ Psalm 90:14



In an earlier version of this writing, I spoke against Planned Parenthood, believing I had all the facts. A few months ago, when the ‘smoke and mirrors’ began with the videos, I did extensive research, listening to, and reading, all sides of the debate. However, at the time of publishing this weekend, I did not update that research. Had I done so, I would have expunged those paragraphs in this Journal post. I apologize to all my readers for this error.





a requiem and rebirth

May 22, 2015 § Leave a comment

Late April 2015

Some ‘thing’ cries out again and again. It is a haunting, almost terrifying, lament. Or, am I dreaming? Yet, the dream feels real and unending. The veil between the rational world of reality and the imaginative world of illusion is very thin. I wake and realize there is, indeed, a raw, painful wail coming from the woodlands outside my apartment. I sit and listen, trying to discern the nature of the sound. Is it an animal in great distress, a mating call, or a requiem for the dead? Whatever it is Abbey jumps on to the windowsill facing the source of the mournful cry. Placing my head close to hers, believing Abbey’s feline instincts located the mystery, I look out but see nothing; yet the sound is eerily close. I finally stop searching the forest floor for movement and look up through the still-bare trees where a full moon shines its glaring presence through leafless limbs. Without preamble on this calm, cold night, the wind suddenly whips up a fury, transforming slender tree limbs and branches into a balletic flow of night dancers. The wailing stops. The experience is mysterious as well as unearthly: a full moon with nightime wind dancers and an unknown being that cries out a requiem before dark becomes light.

Night Dancers  Copyright 2015  Lee Anne Morgan

Night Dancers   Copyright 2015   Lee Anne Morgan

This event woke me earlier than usual, so I fed Abbey while brewing my mug of Scottish breakfast tea. I sat listening for the sound of the criatura. None occurred other than my morning birds, already singing before dawn’s light makes her entrance. With the tea finished and Abbey settled into her morning nap, I gathered up my camera and a warm jacket to take my walk. Winter lingered and I wondered what I might discover in the barren landscape. What we see and do not see in winter and early spring, this interval of contraction and hibernation, is Nature’s framework for the living presences that will be reborn — in their rightful time.

I headed towards the Hudson River. We have a wonderful riverfront in our small village and it never disappoints. The shoreline across from my side looked bereft of life; I thought how some might find the absence of color rather bleak. I know this shoreline and its trees well, for we are old friends. In the moments while I set up my image, I recalled this shorline’s continuing cycles of death, rebirth, and life. I framed and steadied by hand-held camera for the shot. There was beauty in the tranquil, arresting scene: what needs to be here now in order for the soft hues of summer and the explosion of autumnal color to “become.” I was enamored with this unadorned, monochromatic landscape: Nature’s blueprint revealed its soul.

River Reflections  Copyright 2015  Lee Anne Morgan

River Reflections   Copyright 2015   Lee Anne Morgan

More images emerged as I observed and listened. The abundant birdsong from doves, robins, and crows among many other feathered species were in an uproar. I believe they sensed an impending storm for boundless, darkening cloud formations seemed to extend into infinity as the birds flew to their hidden, safe harbors. The River Walkway, with its iron railing and one of my most-loved weeping willow trees, presented a mere hint of spring about to bloom.

Boundless Clouds  Copyright 2015  Lee Anne Morgan

Boundless Clouds   Copyright 2015    Lee Anne Morgan

River Walkway Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

River Walkway   Copyright 2015    Lee Anne Morgan

(Note: Upon my return two days later, the willow had morphed into an extravaganza of a bright new green seen only in spring. Her tender leaves were fully open; now cascading down her long, graceful branches. How glorious. How sacred too.)

The Willow's New Green Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

The Willow’s New Green   Copyright 2015   Lee Anne Morgan

There is a large, beautiful village home that overlooks The River, and it is a house of many gardens. While it is vacant most of the time, it is well cared for. Since it was currently unoccupied, I decided to look for flowers that may have begun to bloom. I was taken by surprise, though, by this stunning black and white feline. He walked up to me with considerable poise; then sat on the back porch steps. I discovered days later, that his name is Oberon … King of the Faeries, according to myth, and consort so Titania in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Oberon, with a discerning eye, looked at my camera, then me: Of course you will photograph me. That’s why I’m here. Use your camera woman! And so I did.

Oberon Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Oberon    Copyright 2015    Lee Anne Morgan

The house’s gardens revealed spring’s first official offerings in the scent of a grand magnolia tree and her lush, sensuous blossoms; a butter-yellow daffodil; one white daffodil with a hint of apricot at her center; and brazenly colored tulips. These new flowers and blossoms were absolute affirmations of the cycles of life, for just weeks before they lay dormant under brown earth and within barren tree limbs.

Almost Open Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Mrgan

Almost Open    Copyright 2015    Lee Anne Morgan

It Is Revealed Copyrgiht 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

It Is Revealed    Copyright 2015    Lee Anne Morgan

Butter-Yellow  Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Butter-Yellow    Copyright 2015    Lee Anne Morgan

One White Daffodil Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

One White Daffodil    Copyright 2015    Lee Anne Morgan

Blazing Tulips Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Brazen Tulips    Copyright 2015    Lee Anne Morgan

The walk was splendid and productive too. When I entered the apartment, Abbey was at the door to greet me. I opened the windows just enough so I could hear more of the birds that are as much my companions as is Abbey. I brewed another cup of tea, but with a furrowed brow: I was still disturbed by the requiem cry of the night. I finally sat with my tea while Abbey settled on my lap, lending me the warmth of her body, and her soothing, reassuring purr. Is there anything better than that?

The Book of Abbey — May 15, 2015

Mom was right about a requiem cry that absolutely, positively raised my hackles! I knew it was an animal because I’m an animal, a feline no less, and I’m supposed to know these things. Well, I won’t spend more time on it other than to confirm that I too heard the lament and, for reasons unknown to me, felt a deep sadness. 

Mom wanted to write about death and rebirth — Nature and its cycles. I’m intrigued with these concepts, but she’s deceived herself and you too just a little in this Journal entry.

Here’s the scoop: My feline soul sister, Lily, was put down almost a year and a half ago. Her bones, now ashes, are contained in this small, bejeweled butterfly that sits at the feet of our family Buddha.

The Essence of Lily Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

The Essence of Lily    Copyright 2015    Lee Anne Morgan

Mom performs a morning ritual, blessing our home, me, Lily, others, and now Charlie. Who is Charlie you might ask? Charlie was Mom’s dog for eleven years until darkness and illness entered her life. She could hardly take care of herself, and her sweet Charlie became ill and lonely due to Mom’s absence. It’s a long story and I’m not the one to tell it. BUT, two Angels came into Mom’s life and adopted Charlie. They became good friends and Mom promised Charlie and his new Angel-Moms that she wanted to be there when it was The Time for Charlie to leave this life.

Charlie  Copyright 2015 Janet Sanders

Charlie   Copyright 2015    Janet Sanders 

Well, he took his time: the Angel-Moms filled his life with love and an abundance of companionship, not only from them but from their friends too. Charlie eventually became blind, deaf, and could hardly walk in his final years, but soldiered through until it truly was The Time. Oh my, the tears flowed as Mom told the story. She cried into my fur as I licked her hands and fingertips with my sandy tongue to comfort her. The two Angel-Moms, my Mom, and a compassionate vet held and stroked Charlie as his heart beat its last beat. He was seventeen years old, well loved, and cherished by so many. The Angel-Moms and Mom agreed that she would take his ashes, for she knows a beautiful place where she says even God comes to rest. I felt it only appropriate to say my prayer for Charlie, the Angel-Moms, and my Mom.

Abbey's Prayer Copyright Lee Anne Morgan

Abbey’s Prayer    Copyright 2015    Lee Anne Morgan 

I have to be honest and tell you that I believe this Journal entry was influenced by Mom’s recent mourning for Charlie and her remembrances of a sweet kitty that had no chance of surviving. Even so, it changes nothing of what Mom has written, for it’s her truth and that comes from her heart.

Now, to sum up: I want to say life is grand. The windows are open, I have much to observe every single day, plenty of food, and my fur is fluffy and shiny. I am one happy kitty.

 Until next time,

abbey-signature-transparent copy


The mournful cry from the unknown criatura returned two more times until the moon began to wane. Each time I woke but no longer got out of bed to search for it. I have only Abbey, who sought it out the first night, to assure me that it was not an illusion. No one else in my building heard the cry; it remains a mystery.

I know this: A rare occurrence unfolded during a cold, late-April full moon outside my bedroom window. I believe that whatever the criatura was with its piercing cry, it was performing a requiem for the dead. And, where there is death there is rebirth at some point and some place — in its rightful time. 


Thank you all who faithfully read and comment on my Photo-Journal Chronicles. I love hearing from you and wish you happiness and peace …

 Blessings always~

LAM 1st Name:Sm

a tree falls in the forest

February 15, 2015 § 5 Comments

It was sub-zero that night. The icy breath of the Arctic blast pummeled our frozen landscape for two days. I was in a deep sleep when jarred awake by what I thought was an explosion, or crash; it was close enough to rattle my windows. I reached for Abbey to see if she heard the crack and thud. She slept soundly at my side. Upon my caress, still in a sleepy stupor, she rolled over on her back for a belly rub. I gently stroked her, she started to purr, rolled over again, and sank back into her feline world of sleep. I reluctantly rose from beneath my warm bed quilt to look out the window. I saw nothing; it was black as pitch at 3 o’clock in the morning. When I woke a few hours later, it was all but a dream: I was greeted by a winter wonderland. On the heels of the Arctic blast, the snowstorm arrived during the night, settling into steady, lacy falling flakes the rest of the day.

There was no place I could go until the storm passed. We already had one foot of snow on the ground by seven o’clock. I brewed my morning tea, grabbed my camera, and began taking pictures.

The Constant Cardinal

I observe my forest through the four windows in my apartment. I feel a bit proprietary about what I look out upon: I am the only one in my building whose apartment is situated so that each window provides a different view of this modest forest and its plethora of wild life that resides within, or journeys through, each day.

We see many cardinals, especially in the winter, but there is one whom I believe is the same cardinal, visiting time and again. I’ve named him Dickens. He literally poses, usually on the same two branches, long enough for me to capture an image. Moreover, Abbey becomes spellbound observing Dickens for he resides on his branches for these long periods while staring into our windows! This image was taken the day before the storm.

Dickens Before The Storm Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Dickens Before The Storm    Copyright 2015    Lee Anne Morgan

When the storm was at its peak, Dickens was the first of many birds who appeared for what was to become spectacular theater. He surprised me by taking up residence on a limb I had only seen him occupy once before. However, there he was perched between two trees with snow flying about, gazing into our warm, cozy world. He was announcing, I am sure: Here I am; others will follow. And they did.

Dickens Arrives Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Dickens Arrives    Copyright 2015    Lee Anne Morgan

Later, joined by some friends, I marveled at Dickens’s extravagant beauty: the blaze of his scarlet color and his round, robust body.

Dickens and Friends Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Dickens and Friends    Copyright 2015    Lee Anne Morgan

 The Gathering 

Birds of all species, sizes, and colors flocked into our forest for The Gathering. They fluttered about, leaving bursts of snow puffs while landing with flourishes and blithesome takeoffs — all antics filled with present moment rapture in the powdery snow. Here are a few I was able to capture with my camera, during their brief respites.

Creating a Zen quality to the monochromatic scenery, this is my personal favorite.

Dove and Friend    Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Dove and Friend    Copyright 2015    Lee Anne Morgan

This petite being with its orange belly rested ever so briefly, taking flight within seconds.

Bird Rests Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Bird Rests    Copyright 2015    Lee Anne Morgan

Bird Begins Flight Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Bird Begins Flight    Copyright 2015    Lee Anne Morgan

After the frenetic Gathering, one bird lingered for a few minutes, perhaps to contemplate the beauty of the moment. I am so grateful for her serenity.

Bird on Limb Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Bird on Limb    Copyright 2015     Lee Anne Morgan

As the birds flew off to other trees and limbs out of my forest and into another, I did not expect this beauty! I thought he was an apparition: alone and serious about his task at hand.

Woodpecker At Work Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Woodpecker At Work    Copyright 2015    Lee Anne Morgan

As my camera took the image, he transformed into a streak of action: I thought it was a chimera. Thankfully, though, my camera confirmed he really was there. He never did return, while the others have for each subsequent snowstorm.

Woodpecker Takes Wing Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

Woodpecker Takes Wing    Copyright 2015    Lee Anne Morgan

A Tree Falls in the Forest

Did you think I forgot about the loud crashing thud I spoke of at the beginning of this narrative? After the day’s storm eased into a full stop, all was still. The following morning I discovered the source of what I thought was a dream: a tree did fall in the forest.

I find this image quieting in its simplicity; inspiring too. We pass scenery such as this every day without too much thought. Yet, it speaks so eloquently to the immutable Law of the Universe — impermanence.

A Tree Falls In The Forest Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

A Tree Falls In The Forest    Copyright 2015    Lee Anne Morgan

Change is ever present: life and death form the foundation. From that reality comes joy, sorrow, sickness, health, wealth, poverty, suffering, non-suffering, sunshine, rain, clouds, no clouds and — more. Our mind’s thoughts create our happiness, peace, or unhappiness and suffering. I personally struggle with this, but have come to more willingly accept the inevitability of change.

I was presented with a theatrical snowstorm and visits from colorful, feathered friends. What occurred in that twenty-four hour period was a meditation on impermanence while watching the birds’ fanciful flights, flirtations, arrivals, and departures. I observed my own mind as it attached to these beautiful beings and the sense of loss when they departed. I saw impermanence too in a powerful graphic: a tall tree that once stood straight and strong lying on the ground to become some new form of life or energy.

The Book of Abbey

I speak for Abbey in this Journal post as she recuperates from surgery. She is doing well, but it is a longer recovery than she or I expected. Abbey asked me to share with you what she considers (as do I) her best “tigress look” ever! Abbey will return soon to these pages.

The Tigress Eye Copyright 2015 Lee Anne Morgan

The Tigress Eye    Copyright 2015    Lee Anne Morgan

 I leave you with a quote from the Buddha: 

“So watch the thought and its ways with care/ And let it spring from love born out of concern/As the shadow follows the body/As we think so we become.” 

In Memory Of

This Journal entry is dedicated to the memory of my Mother who is in a world beyond this world of time and dust and forgetting.

(Thank you Dean Koontz for these lyrical words.)

I send Abbey and all beings healing light and only positive thoughts.

 Blessed Be ~

LAM 1st Name:Sm

with one eye open

December 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

Hello! I am called by many names: Abigail, Abbey, Sweet Pea, Butter Bean, Doodlebug, Princess-of-Mine, My Sweet Angel, Little Healer, and it goes on. The latest is Snow Lion. I will tell you more about that name later. My preference is to be called Abbey, thank you, spelled as you see it here.

I Want To Share My Thoughts Copyright 2014 Lee Anne Morgan

I Want To Share My Thoughts
Copyright 2014
Lee Anne Morgan

Okay, so you now know that I am Abbey. You also know the name I prefer to be called by, and even how I like to see it spelled. Yes, I am fussy, but only about certain things: my name, and that all the fur on my body lay in the right direction. Hence, I am clean and beautiful; but please dear reader, do not think me vain or pompous. I am feline. We are, most often, elegant and graceful. That is fact. Moreover, we are not aloof and wholly independent: but opposite. It is reported that one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century, Albert Einstein, said, “Music and cats offer the only escape from the miseries of life.”  Winston Churchill adds the reason why in my opinion saying, “A cat is a riddle, inside an enigma, inside a delightful pelt of cuddliness.” Based on my shabby beginnings, I hardly think of myself as superior, or narcissistic

Mom’s past Journals included brief, meaningful nods to me titled “The Book of Abbey.” I am my human Mom’s cat: her companion and guide as she is mine. We have been together for one year. I wish to share my insights and thoughts about my experiences these past twelve months; especially those of the past few weeks.

A Sad Beginning

In October 2013, I was abandoned on Route 9 W, tossed into a mud puddle near McDonalds, forced to eat greasy scraps of food, and all sorts of unsavory things too foul to mention here. I also had to fight for my life. I was dirty and severely scratched from these fights, mostly with others of my kind. I bear my feline fellows no ill will, for it was about survival. I myself do not like violence. After living with my Mom this past year, I have given great thought to my inherent nature: that of predator. Mom reads about non-violence, reverence of life, compassion and freedom from suffering for all beings and creatures. This is a conundrum for me in so many ways that I … Oh my, I want to tell you more, but Mom would not like this digression, nor my leaping ahead in my narrative. Not … At … All!

Okay, back to the back-story: A woman from a local animal shelter spotted me rummaging through garbage for food, recognizing that while I was not a lofty full-bred, for I am a Basic Model Tabby Cat 101, my demeanor was welcoming, inquisitive, and polite. This kind woman picked me up and I sunk into her arms. She begged the owner of the shelter to take me in. However, they were filled with kittens to adopt for the Holiday Season and had no more room. I was accepted, though, due to my sweet, loving nature. They fed me, cleaned me, and placed me in the front glass room with all the wonderful, cute, cuddly kittens. I feared I would not stand a chance for adoption given I was one year old: those sweet, beguiling balls of fluffy fur were too adorable for anyone to notice me.


December arrived and so did my human Mom-to-Be. She ventured into my shelter the very same day she had put down my soul sister, Lily, whom I never knew when she was alive. I know Lily now, for not only do her ashes remain in our apartment; her gentle spirit graces us too.

My Sou Sister, Lily Copyright 2013 Lee Anne Morgan

My Soul Sister, Lily
Copyright 2013
Lee Anne Morgan

When Mom-to-Be walked into the glass room, I was sitting on a shelf, observing the kittens’ antics. At first, she looked at all the irresistible kitties: held, admired, and cooed at them as everyone else did before her. I was not jealous: just resigned. I sat still as a statue, trying for an aura of elegance and wisdom (something cute unworldly kittens don’t possess), when she spotted me and walked over to my shelf, which was level with her shoulders. I couldn’t help myself; I knew I wanted her. There was a blend of sadness and joy in her energy. I gently reached out with one paw and then the other, when she in turn reached for the rest of me and said “Oh my, you sweet child.” That was it. We sat for twenty minutes: Mom holding me to her chest, while I felt her fresh, raw grief through her warm heart. I nuzzled as far into her shoulder as I possibly could; presenting a resounding purr of gratitude that rivaled that of a large lioness. It was done. Someone picked ME, and she took me home.

Life With Mom

Wowee! Mom’s apartment has four good-sized windows with sills to sit, or lay upon. Each overlooks the woods with varying views. I like this one where our family Buddha resides on a table below the window. I sit there a lot if I’m not next to Mom on the windowsill to the right of her desk watching her work. I keep close tabs on her time working on the computer. When I sense she is weary, I pad across the desk to distract her. When she ignores this, I try padding across the keyboard. This usually does it. Well, it always does it. I do get a loud NO, but my strategy works every time: she leaves her desk with me in her arms.

The wild life outside of my windows is amazing, and alas, tantalizing too. I try, I truly do, to contain myself and meditate on the beauty of these beings rather than the consumption of them. This is one of my calmer moments-in-meditation.

Abbey With The Buddha Copyright 2014 Lee Anne Morgan

Abbey In Meditation
Copyright 2014
Lee Anne Morgan

Yet, I am not always calm. I am two years old this month and still have a goodly amount of kitten in me! I run away with my Mom’s glasses and hide them. I lie on my back and slide across the floor wiggling my hips. She loves this and I giggle, moving so fast she is unable to take a picture. If she doesn’t pay attention to my eating time, I will nuzzle up to her and then gently bite her ankles. Yikes! How bad am I? I also like to scoot and fly through the apartment, taking death-defying leaps to a chair, then a table, the bookcase, a windowsill or two, the Buddha bench, and then flop into reverie, or … torpor.

Reverie, Or Torpor? Copyright 2014 Lee Anne Morgan

Reverie, Or Torpor?
Copyright 2014
Lee Anne Morgan

Mom’s a photographer, so she often ventures out early morning to do her work. In late November, Mom came back from one of her walks and said, “Abbey, I found a miracle. There was one white flower left in our neighbor’s garden. Look!” And, I did … after she uploaded it to her computer.

The Last Flower In November Copyright 2014 Lee Anne Morgan

The Last Flower In November
Copyright 2014
Lee Anne Morgan

This year’s Thanksgiving, our first together, brought a winter wonderland snowstorm. Mom and I were inside all day watching the first large, juicy flakes of the season cover the ground, trees, and limbs. It was snowing such a beautiful snow, all fluff, making the world a magical storybook for that moment-in-time. Mom decided to put up the Christmas tree that day.

Our First Tree Copyright 2014 Lee Anne Morgan

Our First Tree
Copyright 2014
Lee Anne Morgan

When it was all done, the most amazing vision was presented to me: a petite frisson. I sat for hours pawing at ‘colored beings’ just outside the window. No matter how much, or how gently I would pat, pat, pat, they remained still, not reacting to my presence. Nevertheless, it was a delightful exercise in mindfulness.

Abbey's Delight Copyright 2014 Lee Anne Morgan

Abbey’s Petite Frisson
Copyright 2014
Lee Anne Morgan

Okay. Forget the mindfulness. I was, shall we say, a bit slow about those ‘beings.’ It took me one day to realize that the colored beings outside were a reflection of our tree’s lights. However, I had a great time just patting away on the window. I eventually found a favorite resting place under the tree. I like this picture because I’m all blue! I think that’s really cool for a Basic Model Tabby Cat 101.

Under The Tree Copyright 2014 Lee Anne Morgan

Under The Tree
Copyright 2014
Lee Anne Morgan

Months ago, I understood Mom’s rhythm: when she wakes there are things she will do before tending to me. Oh, make no assumptions: I do not go hungry. Mom rises before I care to, so it’s a mere half hour before I’m fed and she settles into reading with her hot mug of Scottish Breakfast tea. She always reads a book having to do with philosophy, religion, or Dickens … Ooh, I must digress and tell you that she read Dickens’s “Christmas Carol” aloud to me. How wonderful, wonderful that truly was … Marley’s ghost, the three Spirits, old Scrooge becoming human and humane … delicious characters with whimsical names, and those delectable Dickensian words. Oh my. What a treat! There are poems too that she reads especially for me; oft times a meaningful Buddhist or Celtic prayer. 

One icy, cold morning, following the Thanksgiving snowstorm, darkness prevailed while Mom lit candles and incense. This is part of our morning ritual, and I have to say I love the warm glow, pungent Tibetan scent, and serenity of it all. We began our morning reading when Mom finally sat in her chair by the window, while I positioned myself on the windowsill. (I believe she was thumbing through “Evolution of the Word” by Marcus Borg. This is quite a tome and I am so totally grateful she is not reading it aloud.) In moments, there appeared on the horizon an unmistakable beginning of a mystical sunrise: a convergence of the sun’s first appearance; the pristine white blanketing the forest floor; black tree trunks and limbs with immovable white crystalline snow clinging to the entirety of the landscape. Sitting together watching the sun’s ascent, I experienced a peacefulness and quietude within: as if we were the only two beings in the world to witness this event. I knew in that grace-filled moment how blessed we are to be able to see these wonders of nature. Mom gently massaged my ears throughout.

Mystical Sunrise Copyright 2014 Lee Anne Morgan

Mystical Sunrise
Copyright 2014
Lee Anne Morgan

Do you remember when I was expatiating about the myriad of names I’m called? And, that Snow Lion is one of them? There’s a reason, of course. Mom is reading “The Dalai Lama’s Cat,” by David Michie. Her name is Snow Lion. She too was a rescue in the streets of Delhi. She is a beautiful Himalayan, though slightly crippled in her hind legs. Snow Lions in Tibet are celestial animals, representing unconditional happiness. They are animals of great beauty, vibrancy, and delight.

I believe I am all those things to my Mom, but am thankful she no longer refers to me as her Snow Lion. Celestial? I’m not so certain about that. I am Abbey: Basic Model Tabby Cat 101, providing devotion, companionship, love, and great joy. 

I want to share one of my favorite Celtic prayer-poems that Mom reads aloud. I hope that some day I will achieve humility and compassion enough to be a healing light in world:

“Open my senses to Wisdom’s inner promptings
that I may give voice to what I hear in my soul
and be changed for the healing of the world;
that I may listen for truth in every living soul
and be changed for the well-being of the world.”

~A Celtic Psalter, J. Philip Newell

I am content. I’m healthy. The bloody scratches and missing patches of fur when Mom first brought me home me are gone. They’ve been replaced with a plush, silky coat due to Mom’s good diet for me. I play; I laugh; I love. And now, dear readers, I have said enough.

It is time for my nap. Sort of.

With One Eye Open Copyright 2014 Lee Anne Morgan

With One Eye Open
Copyright 2014
Lee Anne Morgan

abbey-signature-transparent copyDear snoozing Abbey. It’s your Mom darling. You are my healing light. I give gratitude each day for your presence in my life and the well-being you’ve created for me. Sweet dreams my little Snow Lion (oops).


There are many notable books, including the Dalai Lama’s Cat cited earlier, where animals of all types and species have communicated to us: thoughts, fears, humor, sweet joys, and silent sorrows. There are several though that inspired Abbey and me to write this piece (for she sits on my desk even now up to this final moment), not the least of which was recently written by a dear friend and colleague, Stephen Fajen: The White Lash.

Others include:

Watership Down, by Richard Adams

The Art of Racing in the Rain, by Garth Stein

Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame

And, though the dogs in this particular book, do not speak per se, there is one, Almondine, whose thoughts are clearly and elegantly expressed: The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, by David Wroblewski.

 “Read, read, read. Read everything.” ~ William Faulkner

 Wishing all of you a healthy, happy, peace-filled 2015!

LAM 1st Name:Sm

“but remember, it’s a sin to a kill a mockingbird.”

October 9, 2014 § 3 Comments

On 3 June 2014, I walked into the conference room of the Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley in Troy to teach a ‘personal photojournalism course’ — written essays with related photographs. The focus: write about how your disability affects your life.

I readied the conference room-cum-classroom for the next six weeks: cameras, notebooks, and pens were set at each seat. The participants — Barbara, Shameka, Robbie, Carolyn, Walter, Kimberly, Denise, and Janet, ranging in age from eighteen to sixty-five, arrived with a variety of disabilities: speech and learning, spina bifida, polio, scoliosis, epilepsy, mild retardation, severe ADD, and muscular dystrophy. Some never held a camera or spent time writing; others did a lot of one or the other.

I thought the process I developed to achieve our goal was easy. I was wrong. It is neither simple, nor painless, to walk into past and present wounds, and then tell the world. An action with potential to re-shape minds and hearts? That is heroic.

For six weeks we talked, took pictures, and wrote themes inching towards the final essay. We laughed and we cried: probably an equal amount of both, though the need for Kleenex tissue boxes increased as the weeks rolled on. I could write a thousand words, and more, about injustice, humiliation, biases, disregard, ignorance, and impoverished awareness concerning consumers with disabilities.

I fell in love with eight people. Normally I would use an adjective and describe them as “exceptional.” I dare not! They would wag their fingers at me, saying, “We are normal: not anything more; certainly not anything less.” Yet, I saw and felt their wounds and witnessed bravery. These are my heroes.  I asked them to reach for the stars. And they did.

Robbie, full of desire to free himself from harsh labels,
writes an indictment of the system that creates them.

"Robbie" Copyright 2014 Lee Anne Morgan

Copyright 2014
Lee Anne Morgan

Denise, ever the activist, speaks 
for justice while decrying injustice.

"Denise" Copyright 2014 Lee Anne Morgan

Copyright 2014
Lee Anne Morgan

Carolyn, filled with beauty and magnanimity,
writes through constant pain for the love of writing.

"Carolyn" Copyright 2014 Lee Anne Morgan

Copyright 2014
Lee Anne Morgan

Walter, brilliant with a camera, shows us beauty-in-precision
with a touch of whimsy

"Walter" Copyright 2014 Lee Anne Morgan

Copyright 2014
Lee Anne Morgan

Janet, with a wink-and-a-smile,
demonstrates what perseverance accomplishes.

"Janet" Copyright 2014 Lee Anne Morgan

Copyright 2014
Lee Anne Morgan

Shameka, stoic yet strong for everyone,
tells us why love is important.

"Shameka" Copyright 2014 Lee Anne Morgan

Copyright 2014
Lee Anne Morgan

Kimberly exemplifies truth-well-told,
and what ‘walking-the-walk’ means.

"Kimberly" Copyright 2014 Lee Anne Morgan

Copyright 2014
Lee Anne Morgan

Barbara, filled with equanimity and compassion,
writes her story with warmth and humor
peppered with stark realities.

"Barbara" Copyright 2014 Lee Anne Morgan

Copyright 2014
Lee Anne Morgan

The Mockingbird Quote

Why is it a sin to kill a Mockingbird? In Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, we learn that the Mockingbird lives solely to sing, never harming a crop, flower, or tree. It symbolizes two vital characters, both disabled: Boo Radley and Tom Robinson. Each gentle, neither caused harm, both were unfairly and unmercifully discriminated against. Ignorance and resistance to understanding the unfamiliar prevailed.


On 21 October 2014, from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m., The Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley will host the Opening Exhibition of the photographs and writings of the participants in this groundbreaking program. Come and meet the artists … and truly see through their eyes and hear their hearts. I guarantee it will be a life-changing experience.

Your Invitation  October 21st Exhibit "See Through Our Eyes. Hear Our Hearts."

Your Invitation
October 21st Exhibit
“See Through Our Eyes.
Hear Our Hearts.”

This past July, “independent living” for consumers with disabilities
moved from being a mere program into an “administration.”
established on 22 July 2014 when President Barack Obama
signed the Workforce Innovation
and Opportunity Act into law. 

It is time for me to stop and for you to read Our Stories. 


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